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Financial and technical audit

The compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, other regulatory and legal documents, as well as project designs for the construction, reconstruction and repair of capital construction projects, the control of project designs performance including in the pricing structure, both in project and contractual estimates, processes, building materials, building structures, machines, mechanisms and the equipment used during the construction process, the construction period as a whole, is ensured through the construction control by the developer, the customer or an organization engaged by the customer (the developer) under the contract for carrying out the construction control by the person carrying out the construction, in cases determined by law by the State Construction Supervision Inspection with the involvement of author's supervision.

Structures providing the organization and compliance with established requirements for capital construction, reconstruction and repair projects, cannot prevent from the occurrence of a controversial and sometimes conflict situation, which leads to the suspension of works and a change in the project implementation period. In some cases, the conflict can lead to the termination of contractual relations and the transition to the level of litigation.

Our company offers performing the technical audit, the technical inspection, and the price analysis for accepted project designs, for compliance with technical regulations, the selection of processes, construction materials and structures, the as-built and turnover documentation issued in the course of works, its completeness and reliability, for compliance with price indicators according to unified KS-2/3/6 forms, bills for work performed; conduct a comparative analysis for compliance of actual works with the scope of ones presented in report documents involving all construction participants (disputants) in the described procedures, formalizing the outputs of the work with appropriate acts. If necessary, the correctness of the application of indicators in the pricing structure, compliance with project and contractual estimates, and the procedure for their registration is determined. If necessary, the correct application of indicators in the pricing structure, compliance with project and contractual estimates, and the procedure for their execution is determined.

In case of necessity, the company carries out a package of measurements and studies to confirm the compliance of the scope and quality of the completed work with project documentation and standardization documents in accordance with GOST 31937, Buildings and Structures. Rules of Inspection and Monitoring of the Technical Condition.

In case of finding out deficiencies or inconsistencies in the completed work, the company will form a technical proposal for the elimination of defects, in case of difficult deficiencies, it will involve a specialized design organization in order to develop a solution on eliminating inconsistencies with confirmation by necessary calculations and justifications.

In any case, the accepted project design or the fault report will be confirmed by an estimated calculation justifying the level of financial and time costs for bringing the discrepancies into the design position or providing the necessary level of performance capability.

The ways proposed by the company to resolve the issue will allow the parties to maintain relations, find a compromise and continue work, avoid litigations and ensure the necessary intensity of performing work.

The company will make every effort to provide the service within a timeframe acceptable to the parties.

The company understands that disputants cannot always reach a compromise and mutually acceptable solutions. In this case, we will perform the specified scope of work. The right to apply the result remains with the party that initiated the conclusion of the contract with our company.

In any circumstance, we as technical and financial specialists maintain the objectivity and impartiality of the decision made, without giving preference to any of the parties to the dispute.