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Laboratory and instrumental control

Ensuring the compliance of the construction operations, applied building materials and products is impossible without performing a package of measures on confirming them with the requirements, criteria and parameters provided in the design and regulatory technical documentation.

The package of tests and measurements is performed during the incoming, operational and acceptance control during construction, reconstruction or overhaul of a building project.

Laboratory tests and instrumental measurements are an integral part of the building survey in order to determine physical and mechanical properties of building structures and products used in the construction of works, for compliance with regulatory requirements and confirmation of ensuring the operational performance of the facility.

The company carries out activities in laboratory investigations and instrumental measurements in accordance with accreditations and certifications, in the following areas:

  • The non-destructive testing laboratory.
  • The electrical laboratory.
  • The testing civil laboratory.

The main functions of the laboratories are:

  • The non-destructive testing laboratory − The quality control of welded joints by non-destructive methods (X-ray, ultrasonic or capillary),
  • The electrical laboratory − The determination of the compliance of the electrical equipment performance with the established regulatory values, the quality control of power lines and connection of engineering networks,
  • The testing construction laboratory − The confirmation of physical, mechanical and other characteristics of materials, structures and products to the extent specified in the design documentation, and in the absence of such instructions, to the extent of the requirements of standardization documents,

As part of the incoming inspection of rolled metal products, the company offers performance of steeloscopy (the determination of the steel grade).


The company's staff consists of highly qualified specialists who treat their work with a sufficient degree of responsibility and are ready to provide services at a high professional level.

Saving on laboratory investigations and instrumental measurements during construction, repair or reconstruction has a significant negative impact on the operational characteristics, reliability and safety of the project.

For laboratory investigations, the company employs the state-of-the-art professional equipment and tools and uses methods that meet state and international standards. The measurement accuracy and quality are confirmed by the long-term trust of our customers.