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Services / Construction Owner's Technical Representative

Construction Owner's Technical Representative

The Customer, in accordance with Article 749 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, for the purpose of organizing the project design and survey work, organizing and managing construction, reconstruction or major overhaul of a capital construction project, providing the construction supervision over construction and making decisions on behalf of the Customer in relationships with design organizations and the contractor, may conclude independently, without an approval of the contractor, a contract for provision of services of this kind to the Construction Owner's Technical Representative with an engineering contractor.

In accordance with Item 22 of Article 1 of ­­­­ the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation, functions of the construction owner's technical representative can be fulfilled by a legal entity which is a self-regulating organization in the field of engineering surveys, architectural and construction design, construction, reconstruction, major overhaul and demolition of capital construction projects.

Our company meets the requirements specified by law, for fulfilling of functions of a construction owner's technical representative, has a sufficient number of specialists in various areas of activity in the field of design and survey work, organization and management of construction, construction supervision, laboratory and instrumental investigations and is capable of providing the support for the project at any stage until completion of construction and its commissioning, independent of the complexity level, in any region of the Russian Federation.

The company, at the stage of preliminary discussion of the contract for fulfilling functions of the construction owner's technical representative, offers its participation in selecting of organizations for conducting of a package of surveys required for project development; organizations for developing of the design and detailed documentation; contractors engaged in construction and installation works. In addition, we recommend and support concluding of contracts for the abovementioned types of works and services directly to the Customer.

The company undertakes obligations for obtaining technical specifications for hooking-up (process connecting) to the utility system; developing of the technical specifications for engineering surveys; developing of the technical specifications for preparation of the design and detailed documentation; agreeing upon work deadlines with design contractors and controlling of their fulfilment; coordinating the co-operation with design, survey and other contractors – participants in the design preparation of construction; control of ensuring the required level of quality of project designs in the process of developing and implementing design and detailed documentation.

Providing the evaluation and approval of the project documentation in state and municipal bodies, and other organizations involved in the development and approval processes, submitting the project documentation for conducting an expert evaluation, arranging the approval of the project documentation by the Customer.

Arranging of developing of a geodetic control network for construction, laying out of building lines and developing of a geodetic control network, preparing of documents for obtaining a construction permit.

Transferring of the land plot to the general building contractor (the building contractor) for the building work performance.

Sending a notification to the state construction supervision authorities about the start of construction of a capital construction project.

Transferring of the design and detailed documentation to a contractor; approving and making corrections to construction and installation work schedules; and agreeing with contractors upon the list of proposed suppliers of materials and third-party companies to be engaged in performing certain types of construction and installation work.

The construction supervision to the extent provided for in Article 53 of the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation. Acceptance of the completed work from the contractor with the confirmation of compliance of the workscope submitted for acceptance with that actually completed, by the construction control service; the compliance of the submitted works with project designs and technological regulations, and other standards. The confirmation of the submitted workscope with the as-built documentation, passports and certificates for the materials and equipment used.

Throughout the construction period, the company takes delivery of packages of as-built documentation from the contractor, provides verification and issuance of comments to the contractor and provides control over the elimination of received comments. The company prepares a package of the turnover documentation for submission to supervisory authorities, initiates performance of the final inspection and obtaining a statement of compliance of the facility with regulatory and technical requirements and conditions and its transfer to the developer's operational services.

Acceptance of the completed workscope from the contractor with the confirmation of the cost of the completed work and incurred expenses by the financial control service according to the unified reporting forms KS-2/3/6. Accounting with an accrual and keeping of a closing statement.

Preparation of reports on the construction progress, fulfillment of work schedules and control of the performed workscope, within the time limits specified by the parties. Timely prompt informing of the developer in case of failure to meet the deadlines of the project implementation, overruning or underruning of targets, proposals for solutions on reducing and optimizing the time and the budget of the construction.

Participation in the commissioning of the facility, in accordance with SP 68.13330.2017, SNiP 3.01.04-87, Commissioning of Completed Facilities. The Main Provisions". Preparation of documents for applying to relevant executive authorities for obtaining permission to put the facility into operation. Presentation of the completed facility to state construction supervision authorities; presentation of the completed facility to the authorized body for its commissioning. Preparation and signing of documents for the commissioning of the facility and its subsequent registration at local bodies, with the recording and the registration, in accordance with the procedure established by law.