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Services / Design / Inspection of buildings and facilities

Inspection of buildings and facilities

Inspection of buildings and facilities- is a range of surveys performed to assess technical condition of construction structures to specify the possibility of reconstruction, major repair works or evaluate facility dilapidation. As a result of inspections we develop technical solutions aimed to ensure high durability and operational reliability of a whole facility, its parts and structures.

Inspections are necessary if:

  • There are defects or damages of structures (for example, caused by force, corrosion, temperature or other impacts, or by uneven foundation subsidence), which can reduce strength and stress-strain capacity of structures and worsen operational conditions of a whole building.
  • Operational loads are increased or there is additional impact on structures after alterations, improvements or adding new storeys;
  • Deviations from the project, reducing load bearing capacity and operational qualities of structures, have been revealed;  
  • There is no design or as-built documentation;
  • The function of the building has been changed;
  • Construction of the building or facility has to be renewed after the interval and conservatory measures had not been done or if the construction has to be renewed after more than three year break and the conservation of the facility had been made;
  • There is deformation of foundation soils;
  • It is necessary to control and assess the condition of the existing building’s structures in case it is located near the buildings which are being constructed;
  • It is necessary to assess the condition of structures after they were exposed to fire,  natural catastrophes or technogenic accidents;
  • It is necessary to perform serviceability assessment of industrial or public and residential buildings.

In case you need to have inspection of buildings or facilities in Russia, you will have to consult local specialists to assure regulatory compliance. Our company in Russia has qualified staff, necessary equipment and experience to implement such inspections in a safe and reliable manner.