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Assessment of land lots

Assessment of a land lot for construction- is an important stage of an investment project, which describes engineering and infrastructural conditions of the site, possible restrictions of the site, analyzes town-planning regulations and presents preliminary cost estimation.  

Assessment of land lots includes:

  • Check and analysis of land title documentation to find out if the permitted use of land is suitable for the function of a future project;
  •  Study of town-planning and local development plans, permit and technical documentation in order to analyze possible town-planning, infrastructural, sanitary and safety, historical and cultural restrictions for a particular land lot;
  • Obtaining preliminary permit and conditions for junction to the transport infrastructure from the authorities in charge;
  • Studying possibilities for a new facility to connect to  the utility network;
  • Preliminary cost calculation required to ensure project’s engineering and technical compliance.

If you plan to start a construction project in Russia, it is advisable to use the services of a local company for assessment of land lots before construction. We have great experience in implementing assessment of land lots in Russia professionally, as a local company we know how to make coordination with the authorities effective in order to provide you with reliable information and present comprehensive survey on a land lot.